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The existence of the BANDA.COM website can be traced back to 1996, just 5 years after the World Wide Web became publicly available. It is amongst the earliest adopters of this technology in the field of watch straps.


The Company


Known to many global players, BANDA has over four decades of watch strap manufacturing experience and has earned a high reputation internationally as a high-grade leather watch strap maker. Established in 1978, the company dedicated itself as the main partner of a strap company in Switzerland. With traditional Swiss leather crafting expertise assisted by revolutionary Swiss machinery, BANDA is committed to being a prime player in the production of leather watch straps that has been appreciated by many prestigious global watch makers and watch strap aficionados ever since.


Custom Watch straps


Leather-working is one of the oldest skills originating from the ancient world. Frankie Tso, a leather craftsman since 1975 is a lover of leather-working as well as watches with these traits helping him set the beginning of a successful watch strap company. He has devoted a significant amount of time developing and perfecting his skill in watch strap making. While requiring a high degree of technical knowledge, skill and patience, for Frankie Tso, crafting leather watch straps is also an art.

Watch collectors all over the world are the fashion-conscious men and women who are very particular about their watches. Not only do they have stringent requirements for the timepiece itself but also the watch strap material, color, design, pattern and stitching. Over these years, BANDA.COM has been offering watch strap lovers a way to get custom watch straps built the way they want it. The current renovated site has also been built with an especially creative and straightforward system for watch lovers to create their very own straps. Turnaround time for a custom watch strap is usually between 14 to 18 days where almost 40 operations are involved. It is always worthwhile to wait as you will be more than happy ending up with a unique product created with your very own idea.





BANDA offers a wide variety of watch straps to compliment any watch design, from classic and vintage timepieces to modern high-tech multi-function chronographs. Offering the finest genuine leathers from alligator, crocodile, lizard, teju, shark, stingray, ostrich, and calf combined with meticulous handcrafting, result in refined finished products like no other. High-quality materials like superior European leather, tanned naturally, combined with nickel-free and stainless-steel buckles allow wearing comfort for all, including those with allergies. A nearly unlimited combination of styles, colors, and contours ensure the perfect fit for your needs. BANDA, an internationally registered trade mark, has an admirable reputation for quality products and is your reliable source for beautiful straps.


Dark brown hornback alligator strapDark brown alligator deployment strapTan vintage strap, minimal stitchesDark blue calf strap with minimal stitchingBlack calf deployment strapThick tan saddle leather strap


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